What is Treasure Hiking?

Treasure Hiking is an outdoor program for Cub Scout Packs that kids (& parents too!) will absolutely love.  At the same time it promotes a large number of scouting ideals.  This combination is a guaranteed success for your Pack.

Throughout public areas in your city/county, people have hidden “caches” to be found.  Cache is pronounced like cash, as in money. A cache is often an army ammo box, a plastic jar, or even a film canister.  Inside the cache are “treasures” to be explored and traded – typically dollar store items.  As with any treasure, sometimes there are special trinkets and surprises !

How do I find these Treasures?

Each Treasure is found through its publicly defined location – a set of longitude and latitude coordinates.  Remember those from high school?  An electronic device called a GPS unit is used to locate these coordinates by providing an on-screen map to help point you in the right direction.   GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System and is a series of satellites in orbit around the earth that will provide a GPS unit with its current location to within 20 feet.

While a GPS unit (& hiking) will get you close, the last few feet are always an adventure.  Those who placed the Treasure are usually very creative with their hiding spots.  Some searching will most likely be required.  Hints are also provided to assist in finding the final location of the Treasure.

Is it Geocaching?

Yes !  Geocaching is the “generic” sport of finding caches enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  Treasure Hiking is a program specifically designed for Cub Scout Packs that builds on top of Geocaching and promotes the ideals of scouting.

What are the costs?

The only required item that may cost something is a GPS unit for finding the treasures.  Everything else is free – hiking in parks, treasure locations, etc.
Usually a parent in your Pack will have a GPS unit.  You could borrow a GPS unit from your associated Troop or the local orienteering club.   If you would like to purchase your own, they start at $100.