Plan a Hike

By this time you are ready to starting planning an individual Treasure Hike.

You should have the following defined before proceeding.

  • Hike Leader(s)  with email address and cell phone number
  • Hike Location - public park
  • Hike Date & Time

If you have more than 15 attending, you need create hike groups.

  • Make sure you have a Hike Leader and GPS unit for each group
  • Print out the Hike Grouping Form
  • Using the form, groups the boys trying to keep Dens together
  • Stage the starting time of the groups 30 minutes apart
  • Include siblings in the same group for convenience of the parents
  • Remember to schedule groups with older boys to go first

Each Hiking Leader (hike group) should perform the following.

  1. Print out a Hike Record Form
    • Fill out the Hike Details section
  2. Select the Treasures you would like to look for
    • Write them down on the Hike Record Form
    • Refer to the section on Appropriate Caches to select Treasures
    • Go to
    • Type your zip code into the box in the upper right corner
    • Click the arrow to search
    • Click on the "Map It" icon in the upper right corner
    • Find the public park you will be hiking in
    • Search through the available caches, selecting at least 4 to find.
      • Print out each cache's detail page
      • Write the Cache ID on the Hike Record Form
      • Download the location file to transfer to your GPS unit
  3. Find a map of the park location, including trails
    • Your county's website will usually have these available
  4. Communicate with your group
    • Send out an email at least a week ahead of time
    • Provide detailed directions to the parking location
    • Include your cell phone number for "day of" contact
    • Include your hike group's specific start time
  5. Gather all the items on the Hike Day Checklist (see below)
  6. Communicate with your group again
    • Send out a reminder 2 days before the hike
  7. Get ready to have a great time !