Who created it?

Treasure Hiking was created by Michael Kabot who owns SOAR - a website hosting service for scouting organizations.  The idea came out of a need to keep boys in his Pack active in scouting over the summer of 2006 to ensure retention in the Fall. 

Michael's son Ben had been geocaching with a friend and loved it.  Based on this, Michael took his Den out for the first Treasure Hike and incorporated a number of scouting ideals such as Leave No Trace.  It was a huge success.  After reviewing other requirements that could be met through Treasure Hiking, a program was born.

His Pack offered 2 Treasure Hike opportunities that summer from May through September.  Each hike added more ideas to the program.  Michael then documented the program for his District and held training events for the Packs.  This lead to the creation of a website to share the program with all Packs.