Geocaching Account

To access the coordinates for caches you will need to create an account at  A basic account does not cost anything and gives you access to all the features you will need to go Treasure Hiking.

Lets do that now. Here are the steps for setting up an account.

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Click "Login" on the top right
  4. Click "Create a new account" in the middle
  5. Fill out all the information on this page
    • You may want to pick a username for the Pack
    • Something like Pack123Chicago
  6. Click the "Create My Account" button on the bottom
  7. Enter your location information
    • Note: you are not required to enter your physical address
  8. Click the "Update My Location Info" button on the bottom
  9. Enter any profile information
    • Note: you are not required to enter any of this information
  10. Click the "Save My Profile" button on the bottom
  11. Wait to receive an email from
  12. Click on the validation link in the email you receive
  13. Click "Logon" on the top right
    • Use the username and password you created
  14. Congratulations ! You now have a account

Premium Membership offers a premium membership for $30 per year.  The basic free account will provide all the information you need to Treasure Hike.  There are two features available to Premium Members that do make Treasure Hiking easier to plan.

  • Bookmarks - Being able to save interesting caches in a bookmark list.  Without this feature, you will have to write down Cache IDs on paper to remember them
  • Pocket Queries - This is an advanced searching feature that will allow you to narrow down interesting caches by such criteria as difficulty level and receive the cache information in an electronic file that you can immediately transfer to your GPS unit.