At Home

Soon after you Treasure Hike has completed, you should do the following.

  1. Throw out the trash you collected
    1. Leaving this in your trunk is not a good idea, although you will notice it quickly
  2. Log your Treasures
    • Go to the website
    • Go to each Treasure page and "log your visit" in the upper right
    • You should do this for all Treasures you tried to find, if you found them or not
    • Share some of the details in your message
  3. Complete the Treasure Hiking Record Form
    • Make sure a copy gets to the leaders who are processing awards
  4. Get the boys to share their experience at the next Den or Pack meeting 
  5. Start planning your next Treasure Hike !
    • Think about what worked this time
    • Think about what you might like to change