Your GPS Unit

It is difficult to provide detailed instructions on how to use your GPS unit as their operations vary greatly with manufacture an model.

You should read through the GPS unit's manual to learn the following "skills".

  • Locate your current location on the map
  • Move the map around to other locations
  • Zoom the map in/out
  • Add Treasure locations to your unit
    • You can do this manually
    • You can do this by connecting your unit to a computer
  • Create a Waypoint/POI manually
    • You will need to do this at the start of each hike
    • You may want to not special points along your hike for later use
  • Reset the unit's tracking log
  • Find out how many satellites the unit is receiving
  • Find out if the unit displays the current level of accuracy
    • When you get to the Treasure location, this will be useful in determining how large an area you need to cover in your search
  • Change the level of detail shown on the unit's map